Lamontville Baptist Church

Ps T.W. & Lady Ps G. Thusini

PsTWLadyPsGThusiniWe are grateful for taking time to visit our church website. Please feel free to scroll and familiarise yourself with our background, the community that we are serving, ministries within our church and their respective leaders.

We surely to do exist to glorify Christ through ministering to our neighbours, equipping saints to be better stewards of His resources and to seek growth in understanding His Word.

If you would like to physically visit our vibrant township worship style church services, please feel free to do so, our members will be there to make sure that you are welcome.

May God richly bless you.

Township Background

Lamontville was established in 1934 and named after the Rev. Archibald Lamont, Mayor of Durban from 1929 until 1932. It is the oldest Black township in Durban and was intended to contain and co-opt the Black middle class communities. It also provided a living area for labour working in the industrial areas.

The population in the 1930s was estimated at 55 700. In 1921 the population was estimated at 90 000. The township is now home to about 37 000 people.

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